Follow Clint Strong as he attempts to unravel the U.S. Government's darkest secret

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Cover art for the novel Goldfish.

About the Book

When the Department of the Interior bans salmon fishing on the Big Moose River in Alaska due to pollution from abandoned mines, Clint Strong, a local warden, conducts his own investigation by having his college professor analyze samples of the fish. What starts out to be a relatively simple investigation quickly becomes complicated as the evidence leads to a clandestine group in the government that has developed technology for biologically extracting gold from the oceans.

While this technology will save the United States from bankruptcy, it could shift the balance of world power if it fell into the wrong hands and the group will go to any lengths to prevent that from happening. Clint and his associates suddenly find themselves pursued by a band of professional assassins.

The Quest coming fall 2020!

Join our unlikely heroes again for a tale of adventure and mystery.

Cover art for the novel The Quest.

In 1532, The Conquistador Francisco Pizarro kidnapped the Inca King, Atahualpa, demanding a ransom of a room full of gold, diamonds, and emeralds. The ransom was on its way when Pizarro murdered the king. Worth hundreds of billions of dollars, the missing ransom is the largest, best documented lost treasure on earth.

Clint Strong, the hero of Goldfish is asked by a government agency to covertly investigate recently discovered information that could lead to the hiding place of the treasure. What starts out as a two week trip to Peru becomes an ordeal months long as Clint and his friends are forced to fight their way out of the jungle while dealing with bandits, a lost tribe, and relics from World War II.

About the Author

An avid reader from a young age, Buzz wrote his first novel at the age of ten: a sci-fi piece called “The Titanic Ants.” First printing of the work was limited to twelve copies because the typewriter ribbon wore out. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Buzz has a B.S. in Biology and a head full of weird facts.

Since winter in Pittsburgh is not conducive to his other interests of metal detecting and motorcycle riding, Buzz decided to write Goldfish and its sequel, The Quest. He hopes you enjoy them. The third book of the series is currently under development.

Portrait of Buzz Kingery.


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